Throughout the semester, I feel have worked on becoming a better writer in this class. We have worked on formal analysis of films and moving pictures, but we have also talked about different issues that arise today. Whether its Michael Moore’s film on Capitalism, or understanding the visuals behind Beyoncé’s music video and how both draw on people to reach a conclusion. While I did not discuss either of those two in my paper, I thought it was interesting to see how they capture an audience, and what kind of devices they use to keep the focus of the audience. It certainly seems like a monumental task however, I have tried to capture the same idea in our other readings and incorporate into my own writing. At the start of the semester, I would often lose sight of the task or objective at hand and simply come up with anything on my mind. However, I feel like I have grown as writer, with the help of this class, and will likely continue to grow as I continue down the college and career pathways. The process in writing this final paper was not exactly easy. However, with the mind map proposal, I could map out my ideas and attempt to plan how I could incorporate different aspect into a six page or more paper. I incorporated the concept of citizenship and community and paired it with the recent technological advances of the internet. Doing so allowed me to draw conclusions from both. For example, the idea of community involvement with meeting or learning about new groups or events online. However, like most things today, it is not all one sided and there are definite drawbacks to using the internet. Whether that includes fake news stories spreading on social media, or an over reliance on the technology. Where people do not engage with their surroundings, instead they choose to stay connected online without offering any change or challenge to current thinking. I enjoyed reading the Granta article on whether we are living in a post-fact world. It was interesting that they brought up echo-chambers as a part of the online network in which people seclude themselves to. It was a concept that I had not previously thought of, and I one that I incorporated into my paper as an example. Overall, my writing style has improved, along with gaining new experiences in writing I otherwise would not have.

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