An additional hampering of social interaction and mutual understanding is the assumption that one’s personally held beliefs are always the most correct or right. The assumption does not allow for one to understand the logical process of the other side or point of view. Nor does it allow for the idea of incorporating your existing beliefs and parts of others to form a cohesive argument. The assumption limits the progress of one’s own ideas often limiting its potential. Today, this is commonly seen online through the different social media networks and the interactions between members. Digital echo-chambers exist for bouncing our ideas off to those who already support the exact position we have rather than discussing with other members of society to engage in debates over ideologies. This type of engagement to our society does not benefit someone who is trapped in the echo-chamber. However, those who attempt to understand where both sides of the debate come from is offered a near treasure trove of information regarding a single viewpoint.


As active citizens, we have role and duty to understand events happening around us both globally and locally. As citizens, we can interact in different ways. Whether that involves becoming a new face in the world of politics, or simply voicing our opinions and ideas to others around us. The internet offers information that can be easily accessed by nearly everyone with a connection something to view a webpage. Since the internet can host anyone and everyone, there are bound to people who would use it to spread misinformation, just as people post malicious software over the internet. It is entirely dependent on people and citizens to investigate their own ideas thoroughly to help develop their senses and possibly reorder their political prioritizes. The internet has made everyone even more interconnected throughout the world, and as a result, we should be attempting to interact and bring about change in a local or global environment.


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