This website includes assignments related to the COMP 105 class at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Within site I have included my final paper split into different categories and topics, a personal reflection over the semester, work throughout the class from blog posts, and a work cited page including any pictures or media used within this site.

The purpose of my final paper was to focus on a specific issue or idea regarding social engagement or activism. To begin the paper, I talked solely on the idea of what it means to be an active citizen and how we act in a community. Following the introduction I wrote about how the internet seems to be prevailing force today in our community and how it might benefit or harm our surrounding community. As a viewer of this webpage, you may find it interesting see how deeply the internet connects us.

If you would like to see my other works, or learn more about myself, please feel free to visit my personal website outside of this class here, or follow this link:

Click here to begin viewing my final paper: Citizenship and Community